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Sunday, 8 February 2009


Great thinking:

"If you want to find out anything from the theoretical physicist about the methods they use, I advise you to stick closely to one principle: don't listen to their words, fix your attention on their deeds"

albert einstein

I found technique marketing and SEO that explained how to make our web more get traffic. Here its comment:

Grow Your Blog’s Traffic With Articles Every Day

Using article marketing is very simple, and very effective in increasing the traffic to your blog. It’s a strategy that’s used by many successful bloggers, even those who can afford to advertise. This is because article marketing brings you traffic long term: with advertising, when you stop advertising, the traffic stops.

So in addition to writing content for your blog, commit to writing articles and posting them around the Web. If you spend half an hour a day doing this, your blog will see a steady increase in traffic.

Imagine: if you spend half an hour a day writing one article - in three months you’ll have 100 articles sending you traffic, every day. Article marketing is powerful.

A tip: aim to make your articles at least as good, if not better, than the blog posts you write. Your goal is to have as many copies of your articles disseminated around the Web as possible. So if your articles are useful, you’ll find that they’ll be republished many times, sending you even more traffic.

In blogging, traffic-generation methods come into fashion and then fade. There’s a current fashion for videos, for example. However article marketing has stood the test of time. It was effective a decade ago, and it’s still effective today. Use it, and watch your blog’s traffic increase.

finaly I knew that to make much people know about our web is just make relation with other. Don"t believe with "traffic" that's advertised by webs, if you never proved it.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Starting business

Great thinking:

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

albert einstein.

The world is change and people ideas to get money too. So, how our method to stand up in the world that more faster to change that what our imagine before. Hard working is not enough now.
Hard thinking is most important now.

Bill gate, I think he is not hard worker, but hard thinker. He did not work to make microsoft office but he had imagine "how make tools let people could write and calculate faster and very easy so could safe their time?", so microsoft office is created.

Many methode to explore our braind and our capability to get idea for starting bussines:

  • Used product from transitional era.Google provide "Blog" that make much people getting money just posting their experienced and promote their product. So, promote your product now.

  • Learn their business business statment. If you have product and you want to advertise in media like in Tv or newspaper, what your statment?. NOKIA make statment "connecting people" made people rememmber that if they will connect to other they use NOKIA prduct.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

How to buy property

Great thinking:

"Focus on the small changes, and look at what will happen"

Some day I invited by my friend, he want to buy a house. He invited me 'cause I know about design interior and of course he want to my advise. at that time he bring real estate agent. Now I will tell you, might be someday you will buy home.
  1. Invite your friend or real estate agent (if you have relation is better) or you browsing in internet, look for how to buy and all what you need for better to live as you want.
  2. If you see the house, look at the home design, proximity to shopping, school and other amenities. Try to get information from neighborhood about safety or peaceful and of course free from flood and earthquake.
  3. walk through the house, look at number bed room, bath room, garage, kitchen design, garden and more detail window treatment and hardware and look at the price.
  4. Never fall in love with one particular property. It will make high prices 'cause your emotion. Be willing to walk away from any home and make you your self like have experienced in property (although you have not enough money).
  5. Visit various time to know day traffic, available parking, noise level and general activities. I suggest you, if you live in america, please submit city-data.com. The forum will give you information about america city.
  6. If you are unsure about the prices, have the home appraised by local appraicer. make sure that the house not expensive.
  7. Calculate your expected housing expenses. Estimate your annual real estate taxes and insurances cost in that area and add that to the average price of the home you'd like to buy.
  8. Make an offer.
  9. After deal commonly the seller will offer you back, about furniture, or something else. That will be more high prices. You must willing that its just trick.
  10. good luck!